S 32 X by Schwing


S 32 X by Schwing

Concrete Pump Details

Boom Specifications
4 Sections
Vertical Reach
104′ 11″
Reach From Front
Unfolding Height
24′ 9″
All Hydraulic
Front Spread
6.2 m (20'5")
Rear Spread
5.7m (18'8")
Pump Specifications
Concrete Cylinder Diameter
Cylinder Stroke Length
2006.6mm (79")
Number of Strokes/Min
Main Oil Pump
Hydraulic System Pressure
Lube System (Hopper)
General Specifications
Water Tank
Seller Note

4-Section Roll and Fold®

The original and for many contractors the best all around boom type for fast unfolding, easy cleanout and precision placement.

MODELS: S 32 X, S 36 X, S 39 SX,

The original and for many contractors the best all around boom type for fast unfolding, easy cleanout and precision placement.

Generation 3 Pump Kit

Outperforms every other concrete pump on high visibility projects while also placing millions of yards on everyday pours.

Proper cooling of the hydraulic oil is critical to continuous operation under demanding conditions. In addition, filtration is the single most important method of keeping the hydraulic system operational. That’s why the Schwing G3 design continuously draws hydraulic oil from the tank and circulates it through the filter and high efficiency cooler. Even when the concrete pump is not engaged, this separate hydraulic circuit continues to operate for protection and performance.

Redesigned for 800 LPM of oil, the 3 High Flow Control Block is the brain for the all hydraulic system. The block incorporates the Soft Switch into the relief valve and the accumulator manifold into the S3 spool valve for a compact, simpler design. Multi Port Shifting is an important part of the twin circuit system, which uses accumulator pressure to switch the S3 valve. Faster switching of the S3 translates to smoother pumping. The S3 block and system accumulator are separated from the control block and located near the hopper for easy access.

The material cylinders contain rubber rams that are connected to the differential cylinder rods. One side will push the concrete through the Rock Valve™ while the opposite side will draw concrete from the hopper. Now available with up to 10 inch (250mm) diameter and 98-inch (2500mm) stroke length, G3 pumpkits deliver 30% more concrete with every stroke than competitive brands. Fewer strokes translate to smoother pumping, less wear and longer boom life.

The hydraulic pumps for the concrete pump circuit are bent axis, variable displacement, piston pumps. They are horsepower controlled, which means that as pressure rises towards maximum, the flow can decrease, so the power consumption remains constant. This pump assures that the truck engine will not bog down under difficult pumping conditions. The pump also accepts external signals from the hydraulic stroke limiter for control of the output.

Vector Controls

Valuable operational data at your fingertips to allow monitoring of the pumping process from the remote control box.

Operators are fully informed of the pump’s status even when they are hundreds of feet from the pump. No need to shutdown and return to the pump when an operator can view the following critical information at the remote box:

• Strokes per minute
• Hydraulic pressure
• PTO rpm
• Hydraulic oil temperature
• Hopper grate status
• Local/remote/ram change modes
• Switches out of neutral
• Emergency stop activation
• Low water tank

Significant features for fleet owners include one transmitter box for radio or cable operation, a small battery charger in the truck cab, 8-hour long work cycles with two-way communication, safe radio transmission with frequency hopping, easy change out of transmitters and one system for all types of booms.

A High level alarm notifies the operator of situations that may cause damage to the pump. The VECTOR will activate the Emergency Stop and the operator can evaluate the situation. In all cases the operator has the display on the remote box and the VECTOR graphic displays to assist in diagnosis.

Modular Design

VECTOR is proven durable and reliable, but in the event of physical damage, the modular design allows the entire control box to be unplugged and replaced in the field. All control systems will be fully operational with the replacement controller.


Rock Valve™

No other sequencing valve combines lowest cost per yard maintenance costs and ease of rebuilding as the Rock Valve™.

Only Schwing matches the correct valve type to the requirements of the pump:

Rock Valve™

Rock ValveNo other sequencing valve combines lowest cost per yard maintenance costs and ease of rebuilding as the Rock Valve™. As the most accessible valve in the industry, the Rock Valve™ is an operator¹s friend, shortening clean-up time while using less water. A patented pressure spring creates a tight seal at the cutting ring, ideal for high pressure pumping. And ease of servicing combined with fewer replacement parts increases pump availability for higher return on your investment. With over thirty years of development and field-tested toughness, the Rock Valve™ remains the most effective concrete valve available. SP models (SP 500 to SP 1250) benefit from the Long Rock™ that provides better filling efficiency for the material cylinders and a standard hopper agitator.