120 YARD PER HOUR JMP-90 By Alliance


120 YARD PER HOUR JMP-90 By Alliance

Concrete Pump Details

Pump Specifications
Number of Strokes/Min
Main Oil Pump
Lube System (Hopper)
Max. Aggregate Size
63 mm (2.5")
General Specifications
Hopper Vibrator
Tool Box
Water Tank
Seller Note


The JMP-90 is the do it all machine, when you need a line pump but don’t want to pull a trailer around this is the right machine for you.

PTO driven
Change oil in just one engine, our PTO driven JMP-90 eliminates the need for a pony motor.

Hydraulic Brakes so Anyone Can Drive
Alliance orders the trucks with hydraulic brakes so a CDL or Class 3 with air is not required. Hire that young muscular kid to run this pump, he just needs a regular drivers license.

S-Valve Manifold
Directs oil flow to either shift cylinder. Accumulator pressure is also utilized to control the main pump controllers. All electrical functions have manual over-rides.

Main Pump Cell Manifold
Directs oil to the pumping cylinders. All electrical functions have manual over-rides. The main pumping system is an open loop circuit, which reduces heat in the hydraulic system.

Main Pump
This is the main pump which delivers oil for the pumping cylinders. Accumulator pump, boom pump and accessory pumps are all Roxroth.

Hydraulic Oil Cooler
The fan is operated by a hydraulic motor for efficiency and maximum cooling and is controlled by a temperature sensor, with a manual over-ride.

Radio Remote Controls
Our standard package is equipped with Omnex Radio Controls.