There is no better value than the daily operated concrete pump!
Schwing 08-10-2015 comment profile send pm notify

Concrete pumps are the most cost effective way to place concrete for most applications.  The time savings, labor savings, increased quality and improved safety are far more valuable than the cost of a daily operated concrete pump.  From the smallest pours to the largest matt pours, contractors who rent operated pumps improve their bottom lines.  There really is no practical alternative for the modern concrete pump.  Today's pumps place almost any type of mix at rates higher than contractors can handle.  Crane and buckets, buggies, and even direct dumping are always a more expensive alternative than pumped concrete.


So the next time a contractor asks you to cut your price, think about his alternatives, and hold your ground.  There is no better value than the daily operated concrete pump!


And if your competitor isn't charging enough, let him!  In today's world of supply and demand there aren't enough concrete pumps in many markets.  Through the Great Recession, thousands of concrete pumps were exported or retired.  Check your dispatch book.  You're busy, aren't you?


Matching a competitor's price is rarely a good idea.  If you agree, you're not likely to be the only one who does so.  The next time a customer asks you to cut your price, try the following.  Count your competitors!  If you have three competitors, and you agree to cut your price by $10.00 per hour so will they!  So what you are really agreeing to is a $30.00 price reduction.  In a price cutting market the last price cutter always gets the job. 


Hold your price!  If your competitor pumps for less, you are likely to get the higher paying jobs while he pumps for less.  Sell your customers on service, quality equipment, operator certification, 24 hour dispatch, safety, performance, your track record, relationships.  Every time he asks you to cut your price respond with a value statement.  You will last longer than he will, and eventually pump the job for a fair price.

PUMBO 08-12-2015 reply profile send pm notify

Ambitious post, but will never happen. As long as the used pump market exists, the only guys feeling the pressure of crunching prices are the pump manufacturers themeselves.

The conundrum: Understanding that the people whinning about not getting the right rates are the ones who are up their neck in debt lowering their price trying to be competitive against the guy who has been around for many many years.