The Workhorse- The Schwing S 36 X
Schwing 09-29-2015 comment profile send pm notify

If ever the definition of workhorse fit a concrete pump it is the Schwing S 36 X.  With X Style outriggers and ample storage, there’s simply no uncertainty about this pump – it shows up every day and gets the job done on commercial or residential projects.   

Tried and true would be another apt description of the 4-section Roll and Fold boom and 2025-5 120/80 MPS pumpkit. Offering 178 cubic yards per hour output and 115’ 6” of vertical reach,at 60 cy/hr, this pump is only cycling at 8 strokes per minute – talk about lasting a long time!

The bottom line is that the S 36 X is a moneymaker with high utilization options to keep it busy everyday.

  • Add the optional Tremmie Tip Section and the S 36 X transforms into a specialty pump capable of handling a 40-foot tremmie pipe.  
  • With the addition of a tag axle, the unit is federal bridge legal – free to move without permits. 
  • Or add a pusher axle to help you meet spring load limits and extend your pumping season.
  • Conventional cab options are also available.

The future is bright and the time is right to add a workhorse to your fleet.

Call your Schwing Representative today for a limited number of
S 36 X models available in 2015.