switching from a 87 schwing b/w to a 2014 36 putz any suggestions
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any tips

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i  thought most of you would have a suggestion of what I should be thinking about

ShortStik 01-20-2016 reply profile send pm notify

haha.  that will be a week of curve balls for you.  the oldest schwing ive ran was a 98 and it is a dinasour to the 2014 i had a look at on site(someone elses pump). had a hell of a pump kit on it.

have fun lol enjoy technology.

Dipstick 01-21-2016 reply profile send pm notify

Get someone to give you an introduction to this pump otherwize you might not even get the boom in the air Yell There is a lot to know on that pump...

ShortStik 01-21-2016 reply profile send pm notify

miss read. thought it was 2014 schwing.

every thing is in the manual for operating the putz.  ease into the proportionate joysticks.  the boom will feel like spagetti if u start jerking it.  the more sections u use at once the smoother it will move.

if u are preheating ur boom off the truck exhaust, dont use a drop hose or use a shitty old hose.  the hose will melt if the truck goes into regen.  

they kick hard so i always turn on the soft stroke.   those pump kits have power so beware.

its still just a pump.  just has enough tech to get u to the moon

Beast 01-22-2016 reply profile send pm notify

get ready to be amazed at the smooth operation of this pump , and the technology do not let it intimidate you , read the operation manual , learning everything it will do is gonna blow your mind at first , but in the end its just another tool , take care of it and it will take care of you.

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tks bud I really don't think it is that  big of a issue but I've been running b/w for almost 15 years and could fix it myself 99% of the time because the old girl is mostly hydraulics and thats it ...the only issue is for myself the little things ..my old schwing made a different noise I KNEW IT  now ,not so comfortable I finished a few jobs with proportional with guys that had to leave hard too get out of that TAP TAP TAP