Schwing September Parts Special - Rams
Schwing 08-25-2015 comment profile send pm notify

Check out Schwing's September Parts Special.

Stock up on some wear parts you will be sure to use. This is a 10% additional discount.

dlee7729 08-25-2015 reply profile send pm notify

Speaking of parts . How long does it take to get a pipe support for a tip section. Had a boom inspection two months ago by schwing and pipe support failed . Order support from cross and kenny ordered it the same day. Relise the the part has to be made in house but two months and still waiting

Schwing 08-26-2015 reply profile send pm notify

Hi Lee

Call 888-SCHWING (724-9464) and we'll work on this for you.


b-alto 09-12-2015 reply profile send pm notify

Yeah i bought some new rams. best price around..