Schwing pumps 12,000 yards for foundation of San Francisco's Tallest Building
Schwing 11-20-2015 comment profile send pm notify

Seven of CONCO’s finest Schwing pumps took 18 hours to pour the 12,000-cubic yard foundation for the new 1.4 million square foot Sales Force Tower in San Francisco. All of the Super X Outrigger-equipped pumps – three 61s and four 47s - fit neatly on two sides of the pour. The pour started at 12:00 am on November 8 and finished later that same day. The massive 14-foot thick monolithic slab sits on 42 concrete piles that reach 300-feet down to bedrock. The 1,070-foot, 61-story building will have the highest occupied floors on the cities skyline. See a great time-lapse video here that illustrates the power of pumping.