Schwing Pumping World’s Tallest Building
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At more than 3,281-feet the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, will be the tallest building in the world after its scheduled completion in 2020. The observation deck, which offers a breathtaking view over the kingdom at a height of 630 m, will break another world record. 

Adrian Smith + Gordon Grill based in Chicago, designed the building for their Jeddah Economic Company. A hotel, offices, apartments and a shopping center will cover over 5.7 million square feet over 240 floors. The Tower is divided into two parts: the “Residential Tower” comprising 167 floors up to a height of 2,211-feet. This is followed by the “Spire” spiraling up to a height of 3,156-feet and comprising floors 168 to 240. Up to this level, the building will be constructed in reinforced concrete. From then on, the “Steel Spire Pinnacle”, the final apex, constructed from steel elements, will be going up to the planned height of over 3,281-feet.

For the concrete logistics of this demanding construction project, the contractor is banking on the expertise and products of Schwing Stetter which has completed numerous demanding construction projects in the region.

Two Stetter HN 3.0 batch plants are producing the concrete necessary for the mega-project on site to assure a reliable concrete supply. Four SCHWING SP 8800 D stationary pumps with engine power of more than 600 hp each and maximum pressure of 3523 psi are pumping the concrete. A high-performance, self-compacting concrete (SCC) C85 will be used for the construction phase up to a height of approx. 1,312-feet. The next construction phase extends up to a height of approx. 2,214-feet with a high-performance concrete, but with lower compressive strength. A concrete pump will be installed t the top of the second construction phase to transport concrete to the higher floors.

The project is using five SCHWING placing booms (SPB). Three SPB 35s and two SPB 30 booms that climb along with the building.

Part of the SCHWING Stetter order includes over 32,181-feet of pumping line for the first construction phase up to 656-feet.

SCHWING Stetter engineers were influential in the placement of the stationary pumps, lay-out of the pumping lines and determining the best locations for the separate placing booms.   SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pumps were used to concrete the bored piles reaching more than 400-feet deep to ensure stable conditions. SCHWING Stetter has been represented in many Middle Eastern countries for more than 30 years and has supported its customers during this period with machines, equipment and expertise in the construction of many demanding and well-known building projects.

Copyright 1st photo: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.

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VERY cool. Thats a job I would really love to be part of Wink  Please keep us updated!!

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this is a huge project in ksa and the  concrete contractor is one of the biggest contractors in Saudi arabia

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And all paid for with "Petrodollars". The oil sheiks thank you.

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After what the news said about the Temp's in the region by 2040 over 170 degrees no one will be able a live out doors so they might should change the direction from skyward to Subterain, its already hot over there, who know it may be to hot to pump oil wouldn't that be bad they might be dependant on the USA.

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With a kidney seal? Didn't it take two pumps to buiild the twin towers.And the mix was so watered down to make it to the 52 floor and second pump.

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Well at least the booms won't snap off at the mast. Say what you want about schwing, they will get the job done and still be in one piece when finished.