Pros and Cons of Conventional Chassis for Concrete Pumps
Schwing 07-20-2015 comment profile send pm notify

The Schwing S 46 SX is now available on the Mack Granite (GU 714) chassis in a single steer axle/tri drive configuration - with an automatic transmission.  The Overhead Roll and Fold boom is popular among operators - with its Z Fold second section, operators can get this 150’ boom almost anywhere.

Owners will love the Mack factory warranty - two years / 250,000 miles on the engine, and one year “bumper to bumper” unlimited mileage on the chassis.  Operators will love smooth ride, the automatic transmission, and extra room!  You definitely lose some reach over the cab (36” to 42”). 

Give us your opinion.  What are the pros and cons of conventional chassis for concrete pumps?

Boomerr 07-20-2015 reply profile send pm notify

The 6" of reach loss at that length to me is not an issue.  The tri drive is harder on tires. The bigger cab is a bonus. jmo

PUMBO 07-21-2015 reply profile send pm notify

Performace based standards (pbs) are quickly becoming the worldwide standand for heavy vehicles road access, as long as the chassis has these standards in consideration and passes the criteria there should be no problem both short and long term.

greenguy 07-21-2015 reply profile send pm notify

I like the idea, but the longer wheel base of that truck (compared to a cabover) combined with the low rear departure angle makes me think that truck would be making three point turns and dragging the bottom of the hopper all over the Jobsite.    

It looks awesome though

I'm sure it would be great on the highway. I am also a big fan of the newway air bag Tri drive rear suspension.  We have it on a couple trucks and it's less headaches than broken springs and worn out rubbers in the mack camel back suspension.  

pumpnfinish 07-22-2015 reply profile send pm notify

Now your talking! That's a sweet set up even though it's still a mack. Sure beats the old misery box.

JABA 07-24-2015 reply profile send pm notify

THATS A TRUCK..........................

LOVE IT......................

SUPERDOFFER 07-24-2015 reply profile send pm notify

Ok it is a step forward, but stil two decades behind. whit a stearing rear axle you can go almost every where you want.

in this setup I even made it to the cannals of Amsterdam center

JABA 07-25-2015 reply profile send pm notify

Very very beutiful ,,,,,,,, Your machine.....

Compact  smart GERMAN DESIGN .......

You cant beat those guys