Potratz South's New CONCORD CCP-40XZ4-225 high pressure Bridge deck oncrete pump
Concord Concrete Pumps Inc. 09-22-2014 comment profile send pm notify

Potratz South's new CONCORD CCP 40XZ4-225 high pressure Bridge deck oncrete pump. This pump features Concords 225 cubic meter per hour pumping kit with 11 inch concrete barrels, Big Mouth S-tube, Double main Rexroth hydraulic pumps pushing a 132 bar on piston side, Fortified and reinforced boom bracketry, Long life double wall 5 inch boom pipe, Big Mouth S-tube and a custom hopper grate with 3 inch spacing for tough mixes. To top it off we mounted it on a 505 horse power Mack MRU 613 with a 18 speed transmission, tandem steer 40,000 lbs front axles and 58,000 lbs rear axles.

foundationperson 09-22-2014 reply profile send pm notify

Nice looking pump. Man it looks like a clean well built pump.

Joe 09-23-2014 reply profile send pm notify

lot of truck for only a 40m???

ShortStik 09-25-2014 reply profile send pm notify

alot of pump in a 40M IMO

Yellow 3 09-29-2014 reply profile send pm notify

Wow 132 bar system pressure and 11" barrels  . Please make sure the operator is traind to respect how quickly a pump that can make that much pressure with that kind of volume can rip pipes apart. Could be a real widowmaker even in the best of hands!

Beast 09-29-2014 reply profile send pm notify

in my experience , better put a seasoned operator on that pump, that kind of pressure and that much volume you can tear some stuff up , be very aware of keeping a eye on the dog bones , have had issues with cracking in my 40 meter , and better keep a eye on pipe supports and clamps , I have had issues with swivel clamps the sides busting out.

ShortStik 09-29-2014 reply profile send pm notify

agreed Beast.  hence the re-enfored pipe brackets.  Respect is needed for this beast.  

Yes, inspecting the dog bones should be part of your weekly with 11s, espeacially if running lots of systeme off the boom.  only seen one bone break, it was an 11 and took years but it broke.

ShortStik 09-29-2014 reply profile send pm notify

the two bolt schwing style swivels clamps are the best IMO

Beast 09-29-2014 reply profile send pm notify

I had a 20 cell putz , the dog bones bent and the diff cylinder rod snapped , causing a lot of damage , over 40k in repairs , and deck pipe brackets are a constant maintenace issue , what I have experienced with Concord pumps , the dog bones ( I have been through 3 sets) and the pump is a 2012 , keep your eyes on them and keep them clean where you can see cracking. and clamps , need to be checked weekly , tip swivel daily and keep that safety strapped attached.

ShortStik 10-01-2014 reply profile send pm notify

damn beast!!! and the 20cell sound like a disaster.  are the broken bone for 11inch barrels?  have u been using alot of systeme/line off the boom?  if so what size do you bring it down to?  Is there alot of harsh mix pumping in your area?

i have only had 9 inch with schwing, putz, jun-jin/concord, jun-jin/alliance and concord and never seen one break.  only seen that one 11 break and my thoughts were 11s and high output/high pressure boom pumps do not like systeme.

never liked 11 inch barrels.  alot of cup face for the cup to stay straight and alot of reduction.  but the custumer wants more output per hour...so more output...

Beast 10-02-2014 reply profile send pm notify

man it was something I'd never seen or heard of , but found out it is not that uncommon on a 20 cell , and yes harsh mixes , thats what got it that day , was having issues pumping the mix and the operator kept trying to make it go and it tore some stuff up.

shady rashed 10-11-2014 reply profile send pm notify

i think schwing boom pipes brackets is the best .we have here too many putzmiester pumps and we have too much problems in pipes clamps and most of them because of the people who are replacing the pipes.