New Video of the ConForms Blade Shut-Off Valve
ConFormsMarketing 01-05-2016 comment profile send pm notify

The Con Forms Blade Valve cuts o flow at the hose, keeping the boom full of concrete, not air, and reducing the chance of hose whipping at the end of the hose.  It saves time, effort, money, and most importantly, helps keep everyone safe.

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Farmboy72 01-06-2016 reply profile send pm notify

AHSSCI, you need to check this out

Todd 01-06-2016 reply profile send pm notify

This will be the best or the second best product of 2016.

bisley57 01-07-2016 reply profile send pm notify

I am slightly concerned about the "packing" that will occur when the blade is closed.Where i work some mixes tend to be lean and will separate when sitting still.When not actually pumping I  move the hose out of the finishers way but do not dead head the hose,the hose is kept open so the concrete can freefall naturally and not pack.Today is not the day to find out what happens to a packed elbow when it breaks loose.Say for instance a motor seizes,your truck is dead in the water.Normally air would be found and the boom would be blown out,the hopper would be washed out manually.When all power is lost would this valve automatically open?

Farmboy72 01-07-2016 reply profile send pm notify

Still looks like product worth trying

Michael C 01-08-2016 reply profile send pm notify

This valve is moved by the twin air cylinders. They do not have a spring inside the cylinders to keep the cylinders open or closed. If you lose air on your truck, the blade will stay in whatever position it is in. To remove the blade is very simple. Removal of two cotter pins will let you push out the pins that hold the blade to the valves. You would just pull the blade out and off the valve.

pumpnfinish 01-08-2016 reply profile send pm notify

Is there any cleanup to do on it at the end of the pour? Do you suck a ball back through it? What are the wear parts if any? How does it get control from the pump? How much does it weigh? Anyone?

Engineer35 01-13-2016 reply profile send pm notify

Cleanup at the end of the pour would not really change. You can suck a ball through the valve when cleaning up. The valve stays on the pump and at the end of the day the only maintanance needed is to grease the grease zerks on the valve sealing plate.

The valve components are made from heat treated steel for durability. The valves design is very simple with very few components. Over time there is a rope seal that needs to be replaced as grout gets in there. This can be slowed greatly by greasing the valve after each days use.

The valve is designed to be controlled by the pump using the automatic aircuff control found on most of the newer Putzmeister Pumps and Schwings with Vector controls. If you have a pump without this automatic system a available relay system can be purchased from Conforms to create an automatic trigger whenever the pump operates.

Weight of this valve itself is 45 lbs. / 59 lbs. FWC.

pumpnfinish 01-13-2016 reply profile send pm notify

Thank you sir.