Bob need your help
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Do you have anything about kinky hoses anywhere.The guys have done it twice in to days.No one got hurt (Thank God).Do you have any storys about it.I hope you know what I;m talking about.I have tried both times someis going to get hurt or get killed.But they look at me like i'm crazy.

Thanks Scott

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My first question would be; “are you using wire bound placement hose?”

Lots of companies have switched from the fabric hoses to the wire bound. They are more resistant to kinking than the fabric hoses.

Check the interior cover on whatever hoses you are having the problems with and try and place those in the (don’t use unless you must) pile.

After you have checked your hoses and taken out of service any that you feel are unsafe it is time to talk with your customers. Many times a word from your boss or a salesman to his placing crew is all that it takes. If your customer; the guy that is paying the bill knows the repercussions of kinking the hose it will stop. It is important for all of us on the pumping side of the equation to educate our customers as to the human cost, and the financial cost of unsafe practices. The ACPA has co-worker safety material available. If it is possible have a “BB-Q” meeting with several of your customers and some folks from the ready mix side to round things out. Communicating the risk and danger to the user is very important to your successful safety program. It doesn’t do any good if the only people that know the rules and the risks are working for the pump company.

Unless and until your customer gets the ‘word’ I would suggest that you slow the pump down a few clicks and keep your finger on the trigger. You can’t make any money if your customer is lying on the deck, wounded.

You have been at this a long time Scott, if you think about it, you know when they are getting ready to drag the hose and you can be ready for a problem.

With that customer, you can not be cleaning hoses while you are pumping…  count on someone asking why the pump is turned off as an opportunity for a quick, basic safety meeting.

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As to a story, everyone, including you has them. They are all so stupid and uncalled for that no one really believes them upon hearing. Tell your worst nightmare hose kinking story to yourself. It sounds made up, doesn’t it. ;~)

After all, we all know people can't fly!

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When I ran a pump company many years ago my younger brother came to work for me for a couple months. One day he had to do a job right nest to a hornets nests and he told me that if he ran the hose to the job it would upset the hornets and he would end up getting stung. Well I told him stop being a little baby and get the job done, (what an ass I was) Well he did the job but quit that day. He got accepted into the training program for the fire department. While training with the fire hose one of the students kinked the water hose. My bother jumped pass everyone pushing people out of the way and dives on the water hose and un kinks it. The instructor says “what the hell are you doing” my brother said, “well the hose was kinked” come to find out water is passed through the hose in such a way that you can kink the hose unlike concrete.  The funny thing is I know my brother blamed me for looking like a fool that day.

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Good ol' older brothers! lol

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In 1991 I was operating a linepump in the big easy(new orleans) as i advised the placing crew of kinking the hose and the dangers i was met with sarcasm and plain foolishness as i was a youngster at the time i had still seen the effects of kinking the hose,about 5 minutes later as i couldn't see the end of the hose the pump pressured up and relieved just as quick, i shut the pump off and walked  to where the pour was to find my hose man was laying on the ground unconsciuos the hose threw him 10-12 feet and against a brick wall,thankfully he wasn't seriously injured just a little concussion,needless to say they didn't kink the hose anymore.I use only steel braid hose now and when they get worn to the point where ther easy to kink we cut the ends off and to the garbage they go, a worn out hose is not worth an accident!

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Thank you very much.I have been been doing this for along time.I watch them like a hawk.But the second I look away.They don't kink them all the way just enough to get my attention.You hear the pump.Then you yell at them,And they look at me like i'm crazy.Also thank you Todd for having a web site you can ask any question in the world and get a answer.And Bob thank you for all your help.

Thanks Everyone

Scott Ruckebeil

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As I was reading your much appreciated ‘thank you’ post I began to think about all of the people that have helped me. I eventually turned out to be a little better than average operator. Most of the reason for that was the help and advice that I have received from others. So… I thought that while we were in the thank you mode I had some of those dues to pay as well. We are a better, safer industry because of this shared knowledge. If any of you have the opportunity to pass it on please do so.


If I forget anyone it is because there have been so many; I have been fortunate, so thanks for your help:


My wife Meredith

Dale Bone

Richard O’Brien

Les Ainsworth

John Langren

Val Turnbull

Richard Jensen

Jim Warren

Floyd Pettijohn

Bob Weatherton

Richard Henry

Don Taylor

Bob Oury

Vern MacDonald

Bruce Montgomery

Bill Irwin

Jim Shunkwiler

Stuart Gross

Bob Lieberman

Grady Stallings

Allan Grey

Norman DeMello

Walter Martinovich

Diego Cagol

Mr. Young

My friend Todd Bullis

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Bob who is Bill Irwin? Did he manufacture Hornet concrete Pumps?