Alliance continues with the lightweight trend and rolls out the 38LZ for Winkler
Alliance 03-16-2015 comment profile send pm notify

Winkler has teamed with Alliance for the first JXLZ. The 38-4.16 offers Alliance's renowned strength and stability at an impressively new light weight. 


It's the newly streamlined lower-profile side panels and high-strength Rotec pedestal design that keep this design both light and admirably stable. The scales here tip out at just 8,850kg (19,150lbs) in the front and 16,200kg (35,175lbs) in the rear. And, for stability, the tight highly-functional outrigger spread measures in at just 6.3m (20'8") in the front and 7m (23') at the rear. 


Without sacrifice in articulation Alliance maintained all the manoeuverability that a boom of this size readily commands: 180° at the first to second boom length, 245° at the second to third, and 230° at the third to fourth length. Numbers like these give owner-operators the confidence that this machine will be as precise and effective within tight spaces as it will be powerful at the bigger commercial jobs. 


Driven by the need to stay light in order to remain legal in more markets, this newly modeled 38LZ gives new access to markets that the heavier weighted trucks just couldn't touch.