Alliance 32-5.16 Z-fold heads out to Crete Force One
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Crete Force One was looking for a machine for tight access projects and worked with Alliance on their new 32 meter 5-section ZZ-fold.

The specs on the JXZZ 32-5.16: vertical reach of 31.4m (103'), horizontal reach of 27.4 (89'10"), reach from the front of 25m (82') and overall  truck length of 10.5m (34'6") worked out perfectly for Crete Force One. The tight outrigger footprint at 6.3m (20'8") in the front, 5.8m (19') in the back and 7m (23') along the side was a big feature for sure, but for most applications of the 32m 5 ZZ, it's the low unfolding height that wins the huge kudos; at just 5.97m (19'7") this top-selling model is known for its specialty of versatility within existing structures.

Working with their salesman Jody Dempsey, Crete Force One drove away thrilled with their new machine (right down to the cool decaling of their company logos) and put it straight to work.


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