10 day pumping around the clock with 0 downtime
Schwing 07-27-2015 comment profile send pm notify

Congratulations to the Sun Concrete Pumping team on their recent slip form job in Shakopee, Minnesota where they pumped around the clock for 10 days, with zero down time.  The 170 foot height slip form job demanded a nonstop flow for the concrete to form properly, and that is what they got using their new Schwing 58 SX.  The backup pump which was also a Schwing got to take 10 days off.  The operators, Matt Timmons and Jeremy Barlow, took turns running the pump and even came half an hour up the road to the Schwing factory to visit before the pour began.

Check out these photos.

PUMBO 07-29-2015 reply profile send pm notify

From experience an 8 hour shifts at low strength concrete needs quite effort to clean the hopper at the end of the pour. Just wondering how you keep the hopper clean after 10 continous days of high strength? Does it just go back to schwing up the road and get the hopper replaced?

bisley57 07-29-2015 reply profile send pm notify

Buildup in the hopper should not happen because of the constant movement of the mud.A good mix normally does not segragate and stick to dead spaces,even at a low slump there should be no problem.As far as externel cleanliness goes,stay on it,keep it well greased,and get some good EPA safe form oil,a scaper and wire brush,some gloves.Get to know your lab man............change water box water at least every shift.      Louisiana style

Schwing 07-30-2015 reply profile send pm notify

PUMBO this is according to the operator himself

Always oil it after every wash so the oil will soak into the metal and then the night before we came up I sprayed it with a chemical called Kleen Kote, let it dry overnight, then greased the entire inside of the hopper everywhere under the rock valve and all. Cant use to much grease! Then we would pump the hopper down most of the way and scrape it every 2 to 3 hours

pumpnfinish 07-30-2015 reply profile send pm notify

How many yards did it take?

Schwing 07-31-2015 reply profile send pm notify

3500 cubic yards

PUMBO 08-01-2015 reply profile send pm notify

Sorry Schwing, I was under assumption from the description that round the clock for 10 days meant 240 hours of continuous onsite work.

FunnyBoom 08-02-2015 reply profile send pm notify

Pumbo it was 240 hrs of continuous on site work. he was saying that he always oils his hopper after hes done so that it soaks into the metal. Slip form jobs are rather slow and boring so there's always some time to do some chipping, if you stay on top of it throughout the entire process its really not a bad clean up at the end.

Beast 08-04-2015 reply profile send pm notify

Ive done quite a few of these , recently did a 9,000 yard 12 silo slip , 12 days straight with a 61 putz , no downtime